Fees and Insurance

Dr. Taylor is an “out of network” provider and does not contract with any insurance companies. She offers competitive rates for individual, child and family therapy. In addition, she has a few sliding scale slots in her practice making therapy affordable for most people. Feel free to call and receive a free phone consultation during which we can talk about you and your family's needs.

While she does not contract with insurance companies, she knows many people have questions about insurance. She can provide you with an insurance claim form including the description of services provided, procedure codes, service dates and diagnosis that you can submit to your insurance and may be able to receive a reimbursement, if you have a PPO. Health insurance coverage and limits can be confusing, please call and we can discuss it further. If your child has Selective Mutism, you may also be able to ask your insurance company about something called a “Single Case Agreement”. Feel free to reach out if you’d like more information about common insurance billing codes.

Dr. Taylor understands that the cost of a psychological or psycho-educational evaluation may feel overwhelming as it is a big investment. During our initial phone consultation Dr. Taylor will walk you through the process one step at a time and help you to come up with a tailored and individualized plan that makes the most sense for your child, and family.


A Home Within

If you are a foster child, or an adult who has been involved in the foster care system. Please reach out. You may be able to qualify for pro bono mental health services with a wonderful therapist through A Home Within.